Transgender Personals
Transgender Personals

other little text that I wrote

have said that sex is something that is not serious and vulgar
I want to understand it
but is something that belongs
to the world of today and especially to the relationship between two person seen that in love sex and pleasure is the

after for me sex as long as it is sweet filled with love of pleasure and compassion
or both people are equal and respectful and do this by attraction
for love of their heart he is not vulgar

a love filled with pleasure as long as it is not seen in title of object or that you do not respect the person whom I do not like when people see as his la for me was vulgar and especially with no feeling
I do not like it

but as long as people love each other and are equal to each other sex or not sex pleasure or not pleasure is that they are a true sincere love in fidelity in love in the heart :)

everything becomes beautiful when you have real moral value and the person you see you do not judge her you respect her you love her for who she is :)
it's his human being and not a savage