This site is zombieland

Why is this site so damn dead? It almost feels pointless to even have this site up and running still. It is a relic compared to what it was and it wasn't all that back in the days either. It was okay, still a lot of time wasters and fetishists but at least there was way more traffic here. Now this place is an absolute zombie land, with more profiles without pictures than not who message you thinking that they will get a response, way more older disgusting crossdressers than the beautiful fellow t girls I used to see where there was more of a sisterhood. God this place really really has turned upside down. I honestly think the admins of this site should genuinely considering finally pulling the plug with this site. What do they even gain from having this site up anymore? I mean it had a decent run but now it is just up for no reason, with no rhyme or reason, no purpose. I genuinely wanna know why people even login on here anymore? I mean this site is so dead the same faces I used to see do not even login anymore, which speaks volumes. Now I see different “same faces”, meaning a new cycle of the same people who are here.


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    • Looking For A Relationship

      It’s very sad. What is being done to true transgender women. This psyop hurts everyone; transgender women, those who genuinely want a transgender woman for a relationship, genetic women, and men. Everyone is hurt and it makes one feel like giving up.

      • Elaina

        At this point I believe the “lgbt” and the mainstream woke liberals is a psy ops to hurt the image of trans people. They say they are allies and are trying to help trans people but actions speak louder than words and their actions make me seriously struggle to believe that. They have done everything except help. All they have done is create intolerance fueled by hate. I mean jesus christ, having Dylan Mulvaney who is a genuine creep, parading and mocking HIM self as a little girl saying HE is trans, (clearly is not which is why I refuse to use his preferred pronoun) being put in the bud light can was just a spit in the face to actual transsexuals. I mean that alone destroyed trans people, GENUINE trans people. Lia Thomas, HE also another trender and fetishist, could not hack it as a male swimmer, so decided to hijack women's sports and start that whole mess. The non binary and the child grooming shit, don't even get me started on that. It is just a whole heap of a mess, no sane trans person should ever want anything to do with that. (Thanks to the lack of gatekeeping from the so called “community") After I get my sex change in my mind I am not even going to identify as “trans” anymore. I mean tbh I don’t even identify as “trans” now. It is just too embarrassing at this point. It is just not safe anymore. The landscape is too fucked up to openly put yourself out there as a trans person. It is borderline dangerous now. The funny thing now (not so funny) is that Trump if he becomes president which he most likely will win the upcoming election, he is doing some special “2025 plan”, and one of those plans is to completely get rid of any medical intervention for trans people, making it illegal to prescribe needed meds, surgeries, etc. Unless a trans person has already fully transitioned, we will no longer legally be recognized as people anymore. It is not even a conspiracy. This is very real. All of this visibility has done nothing but put us in a bad light and in harms way and it fucking breaks my heart to bits. Like I said back to the 80's we go. Sorry for the crazy rant lol We def should chat if you want! :) I definitely could have a friend right now.


        Edit: Although others have told me something similar, like that I sound intelligent or that I articulate myself well yet my life is absolutely in the gutter and has been for a long while now. I wish my life would get just a little bit better ya know? ^.^

        • Sailor Gurl

          You are wise beyond your years, Elaina. You have the right idea. Stealth is the right way for gurls like us these days. I am somewhat of a local celebrity down here because of the business I run. I will be at Lowes or Walmart, and people will come up and introduce themselves and ask me if I remember them from weeks (or even years) before while attending my tour business. If they only knew.

          You are correct about being on our own. The sisterhood seems to have dissolved into oblivion. All the gurls I knew from years ago have gone their own way. The “Gay Lobby” has been infiltrated by evil demons hell-bent on attacking society at large. They act like they have never heard the saying , “You can catch more flies with a thimble full of sugar than a barrel full of vinegar.” Now, they've pushed society to the limit, and society is beginning to fight back , and we're caught in the crossfire.

          I'm so pleased to meet you, by the way. You seem to have your head on straight. If you ever get down to my neck of the woods, you must stop in and say “Hi.”

          • Elaina

            Oh and the whole setting us back 40 years. You got that right. These freaks have set us back so far that we are back to being in hiding again, not for the weird woke libtards, I mean for the real transmed transsexuals. We are back to like being in the 80's again. We are a dying breed. Being trans is actually supposed to be super rare, close to the numbers of being intersex, but you see so many so called “trans people” mostly young kids (hmm I wonder why that is ) popping up. It is all by design and it is all manufactured. Genuine trans people are few, far and between and funny enough that is always how it was supposed to be. Trenders, “activists”, fetishists, and literal predators have ruined it for us. It is crazy and sad. 100 percent full stealth is the only way now unfortunately.

            • Elaina

              @SailorGurl Well not just that but depending on the internet to meet people is useless considering most people are not serious at all. It is just a form of entertainment to them, so I see it the same way. Yeah I can go on a whole long tyrade on how “activists” have essentially ruined the image of trans people. Trans people are probably up there with North Korea when it comes to being the most hated group of people on earth. We were always certainly misunderstood and a lot of people were transphobic back then but you have to admit these crazies, these Dylan Mulvanies, the Lia Thomas's of the world (clear fetishists) and just these weird “non binary” bullshit has ruined trans people probably forever. Trust me you do not have to tell me non binary is bs. They have pretty much made it impossible for ACTUAL transsexuals to be openly trans, it is just not possible anymore, unless you want to live and surround yourself in a perpetual super liberal city which is probably very draining. For people like myself, it makes my transition a lot lonlier. Well "femming" out, which I do not even like that term is not a short process. It takes time, no way to just do it fast. I am on my 8th month of hrt and just recently I am starting to see changes. I still live in boy mode because I know better then to look like the “IT’S MA'AM” meme irl and possibly get filmed by just existing. So I am waiting until I fully feminize and some people I can tell are clocking me as a tomboy lesbian, which tells me it is working but I am just not fully ready yet. It is crazy that the lack of gatekeeping and allowing literal predators and weirdo fetishists to just waltz into the lgbt “community” (which has not been a community in a long time btw, it is just a brain dead brain washing cult) is what absolutely damaged the reputation for transsexuals forever. The ironic thing is actual transsexuals got pushed out of our own community and people who are not even transsexuals by definition since transsexualism is binary, now they try to speak for us when they have no business doing so. Meeting people irl is just as hard if not harder but, my plan is to be stealth and tell nobody about me being what I am, except for who I get involved with romantically. Future friends, etc, will never know, as they have no right to know my personal business like that. I did not even want to get srs at first, now I do just to further remove myself from these “non binary” clowns. They have made transitioning so lonely for the real transsexuals, because there is no sisterhood anymore, it is all dysfunctional and broken. My goal is to pass and make biological friends, non woke lib ones at that and in order for that to be the case, they could not know about who I am. So I agree with making friends irl, but it just sucks I have to waste more of my youth and wait until I pass or if I pass to even make attempts. Transitioning has been lonely but it is a sacrifice I was willing to make, to denounce myself of any thing related to the mainstream lgbt “cult.” It was the right decision for me but it does not change the fact that it has made my journey a lot tougher and lonelier. This is the price I am paying, involuntarily due to these clowns. 


              Btw I never saw you before, so my post did not really apply to you but you seem pretty cool

              • Sailor Gurl

                I like dropping in every now and then just to see who's stopping by. I don't depend on the internet to meet anyone seriously because it's so easy to fake a profile these days. And believe me, there are multitudes.

                Times have changed since I began surfing this site back in 2007 or 08 (it's been a while). Back then, gurls like us were trying our best to be as feminine as possible. Fortunately for me, it wasn't very hard because I had a very feminine physique due to an injury that kept me from producing a lot of testosterone. I can go out anywhere, and project as a woman, and I meet a lot of guys and gals who are genuinely interested in me as a person because we meet face-to-face and not cybernetically.

                These days, there are deep fakes who want to be different and project as bearded women, calling themselves everything from gender-neutral to non-binary, wanting to be accepted as trans. These people have no clue that they are setting us back thirty or forty years as far as being accepted as normal by society in general.

                I believe that because of this (and the sleazy portrayal of us in the porn industry), sites like this are a haven for many perverts and wannabes searching for easy pickings to fulfill their fantasies.

                My advice to my sisters out there is to fem up as best and as early and quickly as you can and meet people face to face; that way, you can get a better idea of who you are getting involved with. There are some awesome people out there and many opportunities for those who are truly searching.

                • Leaky78fl

                  Do you have any recommendations for other sites? I seem to remember there was a popular site a few years back, but I deleted it when I started a relationship