Transgender Personals
Transgender Personals

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is cis?  Cis is a common abbreviation for cisgender which describes a person whose gender identity corresponds with their biological sex assigned at birth.

    What is trans?  Trans is a common abbreviation for transgender which describes a person whose gender identity does not correspond with their biological sex assigned at birth.

    What is non binary?  Non binary describes a person whose gender identity does not fit into the traditional male or female divisions at all.

    I live outside the US, why is my zip code not working? - The search function only accepts US zip codes so all other users should just leave the zip code field blank.

    How do I upload more photos? - Click the Create new album link in your profile or click on the Photos menu in the top menu bar, then click the Create new album link there.  Once your album is created you can upload photos and select one as an album cover, too.

    Why do some messages disappear? - Sometimes con artists target our site and we delete their messages.

    How do I delete my account? - After you login click on Account then Settings and next Delete my account.

      • Macey

        I cannot upload my picture to this app. I am on an IPhone 6. Can you please tell me how to upload my picture? I do not have access to a computer. 

        • admin

          Hi Macey, it looks like you were able to upload a photo after you posted this but if you are still having problems you can send your photo to mike at tgpersonals dot com as well.

          • SamanthaLauzon

            I am having the worst time uploading photos of any kind. I got my Profile pic up just fine now whenever I try to upload the screen goes white and I get nothing and have to shut down the app. 


            Theres got to be an easier more simplified way by way of links to my profile etc. 


            Please help I do enjoy your app but with the difficulty uploading pix I honestly rarely use it.

            • azzzie823

              I can't upload any pics.

              • admin

                Hi, if you are having problems uploading photos from the app please login to your account at instead by using your mobile web browser in order to upload photos.

                • Milow

                  Hey, I wanted to ask if you have thought abou a chat option for your app? The message system seems a bit complicated and old fashioned. I mean you should still keep the message box intact, but maybe a chat option for more regular use would be nice? At eat for those who choose to use the app instead of going to another site like facebook or whatsapp to use instant messaging.

                  • pyxye

                    I recently joined tgpersonals by registering through the web site.   Just a few moments ago I also added your app to my android device.   I've tried signing into the app with my username/email address and password but your app isn't accepting it. 

                    • Shelley

                      Are there guidelines for photo albums? Size limits, content guidelines etc?

                      • Kelly1983

                        @ versoomel no, you have to remove them messages, but if you have them blocked they will be unable to open the message. 

                        • Kelly1983

                          ya people are kind of pervy on here..... i made a live chat to use with this site if you ever want to use it


                          • Michael Jones
                            Michael Jones

                            How do I find the msgs I've sent?

                            • AshLightning

                              Please please please add a non-binary gender option :(

                              • Chloe161616

                                Im having this error. How to correct this Exception #1478190253?

                                • admin

                                  Our web host is not able to resolve the errors with emojis due to a database compatiblity issue so if you want to avoid the errors, avoid emojis.

                                  Obviously they understand this is not acceptable however switching web hosts takes some time as well. Any updates will be posted under News.

                                  • Lbee11

                                    according to this there are no profilea at all within the UK. surely that isn't right??

                                    • Miss Monroe
                                      Miss Monroe

                                      Hi! Happy New Year from New York! :D Thank you for ur Wonderful site! i have a feelin i just might meet somebody special on here :) That said, unfortunately about 50 percent of the time the search doesnt work for me (?). For instance last night, from midnight till 4am, it was fine. Then, when i tried to search again an hour later, it said "no results" no matter who, how or where i looked. No results was the response each and every time for every location on the planet. Including any of the locations where i had searched only an hour earlier and got 100s of results. i'm thinking that perhaps ur site has scheduled maintenance at that time. Anywho, if u could pls let me and others know about why this is happening i would be very grateful! :) Again thank you for providing such a great service! ;) Oh! And i too would appreciate an androgynous/ nonbinary identity option :) Take care and all the Best in 2017!!

                                      • Kim A
                                        Kim A

                                        Same problem as others. Problem with search, matches and now I cant even see any pictures on the app.

                                        • Randy Comedown
                                          Randy Comedown

                                          How can I narrow search by location? I agree there should be a non binary box option . There are at least 60 different kind of gender identities n many r non binary. Androgynous can fir into non binary box.

                                          • MGdam

                                            I tried searching in my area. Nothing shown up.
                                            I tried broadening my search.
                                            Nothing shown up.
                                            How are there over 152THOUSAND members, but none of them live within 500 miles of IL???

                                            • NotSoSmoothTalker

                                              It appears that the search problem was left unresolved. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

                                              • admin

                                                We are trying to diagnose the unpredictable failure of search but some users report logging off and on fixes it.

                                                • Randy Comedown
                                                  Randy Comedown

                                                  hi how r ya? first I want to say I really would like to see a non binary gender option . I'm genderqueer. so many of us trans r nb. also I still can t figure out how to narrow search down to a location.

                                                  • Drbanddrg

                                                    I just have the exact same problem. Apparently there are no matches within 500 miles of me I live in Florida that's not possible

                                                    • Pewternred

                                                      MG, preaching to the choir. I'm in Tampa, and 'no results' up to 500 miles either.

                                                      • SlowandSweet

                                                        Any updates on the broken search feature. I just signed up and it's extremely disappointing that I can't find anyone near me.

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