Transgender Personals
Transgender Personals


    • Decon
      Milan, Italy Last login
      Male seeking MTF for Love / Sex
      I'm italian and french boy
      • Caroline Elizabeth Marie Tenney
        Greenbrier, Tennessee - U.S. Last login
        MTF seeking Male / Female / MTF for Friendship / Love
        Im a 18 old transgender seeking for a male,female,MTF, or even FTM to for fill my emptiness
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        • Rikity Krikit
          Pottstown, Pennsylvania - U.S. Last login
          Male seeking Female / MTF for Sex
          Im 5'8, Dark Blonde, Long hair, slender, short beard.
          • ccjames1
            Joliet, Illinois - U.S. Last login
            Male seeking Female / MTF for Friendship / Sex
            24 years old. Blonde blue eyes. Very active, cut, and fit. 6 feet tall 180 pounds and 8 inches long
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