Transgender Personals
Transgender Personals


      Florida - U.S. Last login
      Male seeking Female / MTF for Sex
      Master of Poly House seeking submissive for training to join. Dominant male with 30+ years in the "lifestyle" own personal dungeon
      • Justin7loft
        Brandon, Mississippi - U.S. Last login
        Male seeking Female / MTF / FTM for Love / Sex
        I'm a mellow guy who likes nerdy stuff , I'm a dungeon master , and an amatuer photographer. I'm a bit kinky , and I love intelligent conversation.
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        • Splork
          Syracuse, New York - U.S. Last login
          Male seeking MTF for Love / Sex / Roommates
          Looking for a submissive gurl with an open mind and a lot of energy who can't get enough playtime in the dungeon / bedroom... a gurl who likes Latex and Bondage and prefers to give up control. If you're into collars, cuffs, chastity and...
          • maya68
            Austin, Texas - U.S. Last login
            FTM seeking Male / Female / MTF / FTM for Friendship / Love / Sex
            (I will not bother with trans chasers or trans-curious people. If you haven't had the experience before, please don't bother me.) Friends (Any Gender), Dating (Any Gender), Sex (no guys). Hi,   Thank you for your time and interest....
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