Transgender Personals
Transgender Personals


    • Fetish
      Turkey Last login
      Male seeking MTF for Sex
      İ Love trnsgndr about foot fetish
      • lovefetish
        Turkey Last login
        Male seeking Female / MTF for Love / Sex
        i love passionate fantasy fetish sex and im looking for a partner who's like that
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        • jedisextrick
          Pearland, Texas - U.S. Last login
          Male seeking MTF for Sex
          What about me? Well what about you?
          • Amor

            I look like what?

            Must you look at me with such lust? Must you look at me only when you need to satisfy a hidden need, a hidden want, a hidden desire? Am I repugnant to the point that I am a hidden secret? Why am I YOUR dirty little secret? Dont I deserve more than...


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            • Mistress Alleana
              Chicago, Illinois - U.S. Last login
              Female seeking Male for Friendship / Love / Sex / Roommates
              Hello there I am new here and I am looking for Someone that will serve , please , obey and Follow all my rules . I am here to guide you and explore your Fetish to the world of Domination
              • Bobby and Megan
                Martinsville, Indiana - U.S. Last login
                Male seeking MTF for Friendship / Sex
                We are an extremely open and secure couple who have experience in the swinging world, and are looking to branch out even further. She turned me onto trans porn one night and it's been our fetish ever since. She is extremely bi and I am...
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