Transgender Personals
Transgender Personals


    • Viki
      Greece Last login
      Male seeking Female for Sex
      Looking for threesome
      • cross
        France Last login
        Male seeking Male / Female / MTF / FTM for Friendship / Love / Sex
        Descreet cool respectful. In Paris France
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        • philanthropist


          my sexy lingerie, I want a husband.




          • chadbrad7492
            Fort Lauderdale, District of Columbia - U.S. Last login
            Male seeking MTF for Sex
            Looking for an adventurous trans woman to join me and my wife for some high end lingerie and black loubis in bed. Must be hot, passable and kinky.
            • Valarie19
              Newport, Oregon - U.S. Last login
              Male seeking Male / Female / MTF for Friendship / Sex
              I'm trans mtf, always felt like a woman with girl emotion, sensitivity, and ability to listen. I've just begun my journey with CD. I love the feel of nice soft panties and a sexy bra, along with lingerie in general. I love long drives in the...
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