Should I get back with my ex or What?


    I met Joseph last year while I was busy working as a waiter at my sister's restaurant. He was charming and all that that's why he caught my attention. Above all, he is a God-fearing and family-oriented person making me fall in love with him more. At that time, I was still nursing a broken heart after my last guy dumped me for another girl. Joseph and I dated for almost six months before we had a relationship.


    He's a really sweet guy and all. I love it when he would be taking me to different places and explore each other. I was a tourism major and I love posting tourism essays and articles online so it helped that I get an all-expense paid trip with him. Little did I know that the once rosy relationship we had will soon turn into a nightmare. He was so possessive to the point that he'd be stalking me. But I do love him and I don't know what to do.


    Should I get back with him or just meet new ones?