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      Site software upgrade is completed

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      The software upgrade over the weekend is completed, let me know if you discover any problems.  Since people are likely wondering, I should also explain, it is unlikely that photo uploads will work in the Transgndr phone app.  While we were...
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        Site software upgrade in progress

        By admin
        We are upgrading the software for the site this weekend.
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          Romance Scams

          By admin Comments (12)
          Unfortunately like any free dating site we have a number of romance scam artists who use our site to send users messages.  These con artists seem to be mostly based in West Africa and you can read more about them on, however...
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            Contact Us

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            Need to contact us to let us know about a problem?  Registered users can send the site admin a message or if you are not a registered user you can email Mike at TGPersonals dot Com as well. You can also click here for a list of known problems...
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              Frequently Asked Questions

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              I live outside the US, why is my zip code not working? - The search function only accepts US zip codes so all other users should just leave the zip code field blank.   How do I send messages? - First, you must be logged in with a...
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                What is Transgndr?

                By admin Comments (1)
                Our iPhone app was just approved for the App Store.  Our Android app for Google Play was approved too.  While the apps are very similar to the mobile view of our site, they offer added convenience as well as better use of screen space and...
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                  Tinder Keeps Banning Transgender Users

                  By admin Comments (6)
                  According to Transgender people using Tinder are reporting on social media that they've been banned from using the dating app because of their gender identity.  Business Insider first reported on the...
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                    New Matches feature

                    By admin Comments (2)
                    Due to popular demand, we have developed a new Matches function that allows you to swipe left or swipe right on profiles with photos that match your default search criteria.  Swiping right adds them as a crush, and your crushes can be reviewed...
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                      MyFreePersonals and TGPersonals are parting ways

                      By admin
             and have continued growing faster and faster over the last few years and in order to provide the best user experience and database response times we have decided to separate the two sites gradually over...

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