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      Site upgrades ongoing

      The site will have some more down time the next two weeks as we make more site upgrades.  One recent change was to reenable friend request confirmation, which was accidentally turned off.
      • PinkRanger

        Beware of "Seeking ltr"

        Absolutely disgusted right now. A guy with n...o give him a chance bec...guys who have n...ofile gave m...king for something texting and I send...pretty femme body, an...s growing. Anyways, we...he vibe seemed off and...eally dead ass says he...lly amazes me. He're not agai...
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          Site upgrade is in progress

          We are upgrading the software that runs the site starting today.  The site will be down for several hours.  We also plan more upgrades in the next few weeks and months, we apologize for the interruption but it is needed.
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            Search problem impacting new users fixed

            UPDATE: We believe the problem is solved at least for now...resolved for you. There is a problem w...investigating the problem but a work can add a crush or send a message.
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              Login problems fixed

              UPDATE: We believe the problem is solved at least...resolved for you. Some users have reporte...sword there is no error message but to check the "remember me&q...e on the web site, such as t...
              • Gabriel


                Feelings....... small boxes of dreams and anxieties that we open throughout life.
                • lottathrillz

                  My struggles of being alone

                  After my last relationship broke down, I initially decided to let love seek m...out. I briefly taken a brea...rial and spent time those closest to me after being injur...looking because me being singl...ugh things or female...
                  • TRANS SEXY MOMMY ERICA

                    I was just wondering about meeting my future in-laws

                    If your thinking about getting married. Are you also thinking about meeting Brother in-laws, or not they will accept you as a member?...If your new in-laws do happen to welcome i...
                    • TGCaliCentralCoast

                      Getting more people using this website

                      Any ideas how we can get more people to use this site? For transfolk like myself I like this one more than the other dating sites except that not as many people are aware of it or use it. I myself forgot about this site after putting everything on hold during and just after covid first hit
                      • TRANS SEXY MOMMY ERICA

                        Why am I wasting my time on these dumbass dating sites and apps

                        I'm never going to find the right man or woman whether...ans, Bi, Queer, or Gay even Non...I know I don't want to be s...elationship where someones goin...raise their hand to me. To b...ime, and effort to make...