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Transgender Personals







    • Miss Julia
      Melbourne, Australia Last login
      MTF seeking Male for Friendship / Love / Sex
      I've fallen from a distant star. I'm a late bloomer. Young for my age. Feminine all my life and now I'm transitioning as fast as I can. I have a heart, mind and soul of a girl. My body is not fully developed so it has to catch up with...
      • steveange13

        cute girl


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        • Karla
          Baltimore, Maryland - U.S. Last login
          MTF seeking Male / Female / MTF / FTM for Friendship / Love / Sex / Roommates
          I am a trans girl who had not started her transition yet. I want to meet a man who supports me and give me a little push to start this jouney together. I also want to meet new friends.
          • Nathair
            United Kingdom Last login
            Male seeking MTF for Friendship / Love / Sex
            Hey, my name is Tom and i'm a 29 year old guy looking for a girl who I can connect with and hopefully form a meaningful relationship. I work for an electronics firm who run the top foundry in the UK, my 12 hour shifts sometimes mean its difficult...
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