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Transgender Day of Remembrance

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    Over the weekend, the 200,000th member joined our site.  Yet November 20th is important for a very different reason, Transgender Day of Remembrance honors all those killed for their transgender status.  Very tragically, 20 individuals have been killed in the United States in 2018 alone simply for being who they know they are.

    Please consider donating to the Ali Forney Center or another worth cause in their honor.

    You can view the full list of those killed in the last 12 months here:

      • Countryguy50

        Thank you for your time and effort.

        As well as educating those of us who do not have news coverage of tragedies that happen to innocent individuals who are following their heart.
        May your Thanksgiving be a joyful one.....

        Thank you Admin.....

        • Michael

          The list on the link is too long. It's so sad to read it. There shouldn't be any victims based on gender. These acts were committed by cowards, homophobes or whatever was on their minds to take a life. Let's live and let live!

          • Leila

            so sad, in this day and age of social media where everything is just on a tip of your finger to help you get educated, people are still ignorant.if people are selective on this topic, then why others rant on silly and petty stuff online? i feel as transgenders, it's also our responsibility to show them who we really are than the stereotype.everyday encounters for me is the most effective way to make people realize.
            be kind to everyone and just respect yourself.

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