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    Need to contact us to let us know about a problem?  Registered users can send the site admin a message or if you are not a registered user you can email Mike at TGPersonals dot Com as well. You can also click here for a list of known problems we are working on fixing or see our list of frequently asked questions here.

      • Justinelove

        Im from alberta canada and i cant search in my area code as it keeps asking for a usa can i fix this?

        • admin

          I'll add this to the FAQ page.  Zip code search only works for US users so users outside the US should just leave the zip code blank.

          • admin

            Hi Joe, can you provide more details?  Are you talking about your profile photo or your photo album or both?  Are you using the app or the web site, and in addition what operating system and/or browser are you using?

            • admin

              Hi Clarissa, there is a known problem with the photo albums in the app. In the meantime the mobile or desktop website version of the site should work. Try that instead.

              • mia

                I cant up load profile picture!

                • Raja

                  i can not see online now u can put that on ur website

                  • Rainbow moon
                    Rainbow moon

                    What is FTM? Cause I don't understand. 

                    • Michael

                      I can't access my photos to upload any pics.. It goes to a blank white screwn

                      • Happyhour420fun

                        I can't upload a new profile pic and I already deleted the old one So now I have no pic. Plus i can't drag photos from my cell phone so i can't create a photo album either

                        • admin

                          Hi everybody, if you are having problems uploading photos from the app please login to your account at instead by using your mobile web browser in order to upload photos.

                          • admin

                            Hi Sumrnitz, I created it.  There is no back button on the iphone app because the iphone doesn't have a back button, unlike most other phones and devices.  We've tried to limit the impact by limiting most external links.  Should not create any problems while you are actually within the app.  You can also use the mobile web site if you prefer  While you can not save multiple searches, your profile sets the search defaults, so if you want the Matches and Search to preload a search try filling in the My Matches section in your profile.

                            • admin

                              Hi Suky, if you edit your profile and go to the My Match's Details tab you can set your preferences there.

                              • admin

                                As far as passwords, I can not see anyone's password or tell what you are typing to login, so all I can recommend is to try saving it someplace where you can cut and paste it to make sure it is the same?

                                • Always Hard
                                  Always Hard

                                  I can't. Upload a photo

                                  • Lora

                                    Is there a human being out there, hello can you hear me,  I put down I wanted date someone 200 mile radius, they send me someone from Hungary the other side of the world??? Is there a human being I can talk to is there anyone out there are you guys for real, are you afraid to put out your phone number so we can talk to a human being???

                                    Is there actually a human being out there somewhere or is it all computerized??

                                    • admin

                                      Hi Lora, this is a free site so we do not offer phone support.  We are currently upgrading the software running the site and there might be some problems the next few days during the upgrade process.  You can contact me directly through the Contact link on every page of the site or by email at mike at tgpersonals dot com.

                                      • admin

                                        Also, Lora, if you select the option in your profile so only matches can message you then you won't get messages from users in Hungary.  This is why we added that option.  Check it out and see if that helps.

                                        • admin

                                          Hello Princess, if you send me a private message with the username of your friend whose account has been deleted I can probably tell you if their account was deleted by them or deleted by us.

                                          • pyxye

                                            Dear admin

                                            I'm a new member.  While using the search function I mindlessly added crushes to my Crush List, not immediately realizing.  There seems to be no function for removing them.  Simple solution?


                                            • Sapphire Silverstream
                                              Sapphire Silverstream

                                              Why can't new users upload photos

                                              • andrew12353

                                                Every time I go upload a picture it rotates to the side can anybody help me please

                                                • Hott4it

                                                  How can I set it to just look for mtf not other guys unless very very fen panty wearer I am not interested in other men sorry just love and adore special women

                                                  • Jim

                                                    Hi Admin,

                                                    How are you?  Do know why I can't send an email.  when I click on send an email it doesn't insert the recipient email?


                                                    Thanks much,


                                                    • meinprogress

                                                      Hi! I can't see any images on this site anymore and I tried to send a message and this appeared. Exception #1467009942.What have I done wrong?

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