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      • Karen

        In my profile edit page I am asked for a website. Do I put in this site. It then said enter a URL.

        whst is that?

        • Kai Jay

          Dear Admin I am reporting a person named Warning to Psychos which I believe is or was the same account holder to ''onceinalifetime.'' First off he or she was a catfish. They are now harassing making crude, racial and unnecessary remarks all while blocking me I can't respond to it. Now they are threatening to report me when they have broke all guidelines and violation to this app/site. Please refrain from believing what this person says. I have not broken any guidelines, simply notified people with a blog post that he or she was a catfish and a scam. I believe the account holder of ''onceinalifetime'' is the same person as ''Warning to Psychos.'' I am getting email notifications of what this person is sending me but I can't see this person anywhere. They either have me blocked or is hacking the system. Please do what you can get this person off this app/site. They are not safe for this community. Thank you.

          • Curiouscaress

            How do I search so that the profiles that appear are in my area....?   Getting profiles from all over US, to England... just want to see near me

            • Willy

              I am not happy with this service and want to cancel my membership immediately. 

              • Robbertsen

                I would like to report Alexa Wilson as an abuser of your site. 

                But first of all I want to make her blocked from my account. I can not do so when she blocked me first. 

                Can you help me

                And she did something similar on Facebook. Not just to me but to many others. 

                She hacked my Facebook, I want to report her or at least block her everywhere too. 


                • nikgee

                  Just wondering why all of my friend's requests came back revoked????

                  • Nikki

                    I am unable to get any matches. It shows "no matches" even when I change my preferences 

                    • admin
                      Comment by owner

                      Hi Joey, the graphic photo of you wearing only a jock strap violates our terms of service and your account will be deleted if you keep posting it.  As stated on the photo upload page, show your face, not your crotch.

                      • Iamyoursheppard

                        everytime I search for someone i can't find anyone please help

                        • Corey/kara

                          Why can't I upload photos

                          • mattw3141

                            I'm seeing the same problem with searches. 0 results no matter how wide or nonspecific the search terms are. It wasn't like this a few weeks ago.

                            • Barbie

                              Why cant i upload pictures

                              • Neil

                                Hey admin, 

                                im in BC Canada, and everytime I try to search for other ppl it says there's no results, which seems really unlikely. Also how do I get matches?!

                                • AxiomQuest

                                  There seems to be an issue with matching, searching, etc.  All seem to pull back zero results from any query.  Started since last week.

                                  • buddylove30

                                    I cant upload pictures. Help anyone

                                    • Jack

                                      Dear Admin,

                                      Is there another way I can upload photos as your uploader doesn't work on my phone.

                                      Please help asap.



                                      • Lookingnowww

                                        Hi can't send messages 

                                        • Here4Hello

                                          App won't let me upload photo on iPhone. 

                                          • admin
                                            Comment by owner

                                            As far as I can tell the errors while sending messages are resolved now.  Let me know if you still get an error.

                                            • Starrbooty

                                              Dear admin,


                                              I have contacted you about the fac that couldn't send any messagre through the I can not sed anything, nor through the app or the website.

                                              Can you do something about this?


                                              • Frndly

                                                I get following error message when trying to send message......

                                                Fatal Error.
                                                An unrecoverable error has occurred and has been logged. Contact the site administrator with the following information:

                                                Exception #1478073152.

                                                • Selena Letty juliann

                                                  Hello I got a error and it told to give you this number so that is what I'm doing I do t know if I'm do this right


                                                  • Corey

                                                    Your search has not been working for days now.

                                                    • Kay

                                                      is there a way to see how many views are even the viewers of our blogs? thanks so much for your time!

                                                      • admin
                                                        Comment by owner

                                                        Yeah basically they updated the certificates but did not restart the load balancer so they were not picked up but once they realized what happened they corrected it and all should be fine now, thanks for the alert though.