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Nude Photo Facebook Ransom Scam

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    Several users have reported that women mostly in the Philippines, but usually pretending to live in the US, are asking men to send them nude photos or videos especially ones showing their face to prove that it is them, then threatening to share the photos or videos with their facebook friends if they do not send the woman money.

    It is never a good idea to send someone nude photos, but it is important to know this scam relies on finding you on facebook which can be done with your full name or your email. It also relies on your friend list being public or if you add her as a friend, viewable to your friends, so don't share nudes and name, email, or friends.

    We are considering blocking the Philippines due to this increase in criminal activity but have not done so at this point and will see if it continues.

      • MisterHawaii

        Pls don't block Philippines. Maybe just block the individual offenders.

        • chrisjoci

          This happened to me.

          • Coco Co
            Coco Co

            The men deserve it esp when they are Already married / attached but still looking fun . In another way , its cheating on his wife / gf . 

            • Rachel Ann
              Rachel Ann

              Good luck with that.

              If you ban by IP, or even entire blocks of IPs, they'll just use a proxy, or maybe even a VPN. If you ban by email, they'll just use another email. Lost cause, really.

              Only way to rid the place of vermin is to charge a token amount of money to join ($10/year?), set some hard rules, and use moderators to enforce those rules. Doubt that will ever happen around here.


              • Expat

                How about some software which checks declared residence against country of IP address?   Automatic.

                • Rachel Ann
                  Rachel Ann

                  I just answered you, but looks like Admin deleted my response, so no point in trying again.

                  • TJ_79

                    Unless you'd post a nude pic for the world to see and don't care, then do not send one to anybody.   I'm nearly 40 years old and have been around, so I'm gonna give all you young guys some priceless advice.  A pretty basic constant that most guys, especially younger guys, just don't comprehend, is that the female brain and female attraction works different than the male brain.  No woman on Earth is going to want to see a dick pic or nude pic . . . you might think it's what they want because it's what you'd want, but you're a guy, and women don't care about seeing a pic of your junk, they really, really don't (unless maybe you're in a relationship with them of some sort).  If you think you're talking to a girl and she starts asking about how big you are down there, odds are it's not a girl, because they just don't ask that stuff. I've yet to meet a woman who has the word "hung" in her vocabulary, and I've yet to meet a woman who ever asked if I was "cut" or "uncut," and I've dealt with a lot of woman, genetic women and transwomen, it makes no difference.   If a woman asks for a dick pic off the bat, at best it's really a guy who wants to collect pics, at worst you'll end up with a huge headache on your hands . . . don't send nude pics to people you don't know unless you simply don't care who sees them.  There are a million and one ways to prove you are who you claim to be, and sending dick pics is not one of them.  If someone asks for a nude pic to prove you "aren't law enforcement," then you need to think for a minute about what you're doing, and then do something else.

                    You shouldn't have something to hide, but I don't judge, so if you do, then handle your business the old fashioned way and talk . . . don't type and don't make videos, and don't give out personal information to everyone you encounter on the internet.  I'm from the tail end of the pre-internet generation when people still had a sense of privacy, and really, just use some common sense.

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