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Nude Photo Facebook Ransom Scam

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    Several users have reported that women mostly in the Philippines, but usually pretending to live in the US, are asking men to send them nude photos or videos especially ones showing their face to prove that it is them, then threatening to share the photos or videos with their facebook friends if they do not send the woman money.

    It is never a good idea to send someone nude photos, but it is important to know this scam relies on finding you on facebook which can be done with your full name or your email. It also relies on your friend list being public or if you add her as a friend, viewable to your friends, so don't share nudes and name, email, or friends.

    We are considering blocking the Philippines due to this increase in criminal activity but have not done so at this point and will see if it continues.

      • MisterHawaii

        Pls don't block Philippines. Maybe just block the individual offenders.

        • chrisjoci

          This happened to me.

          • Rachel Ann
            Rachel Ann

            Good luck with that.

            If you ban by IP, or even entire blocks of IPs, they'll just use a proxy, or maybe even a VPN. If you ban by email, they'll just use another email. Lost cause, really.

            Only way to rid the place of vermin is to charge a token amount of money to join ($10/year?), set some hard rules, and use moderators to enforce those rules. Doubt that will ever happen around here.


            • Rachel Ann
              Rachel Ann

              I just answered you, but looks like Admin deleted my response, so no point in trying again.

              • Gerri White
                Gerri White

                I have nothing to hide ask me anything about whether k?

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