Transgender Personals
Transgender Personals

A few photos of myself...

    Dani Boiz
    By Dani Boiz
      • AZfriend

        Legs for days! 

        • Christine

          Do you have a source for estradiol?

          • 8275

            mmmm very nice

            • August

              My god! Lovely legs!

              • Sexy in St. Louis
                Sexy in St. Louis


                Haven't seen you online for a while I enjoyed the addition of photos to your album and it was interesting to see you had one from St Louis where I lived 4 some 30 years before I moved to Las Vegas.

                All of them make you look pretty and sexy but I have to say the one you took in Zurich turn me on it was very erotic and I'll be more than happy to share why.


                • Dani Boiz
                  Dani Boiz

                  It's lovely to see your smiling face again, Scott.  I remember that afternoon in St. Louis quite well.  I wasn't so sure about the dress I am wearing in the photo.  I had looked at it at the store several times then finally decided to try something in white for the spring.  I'm not sure I would EVER wear white in Vegas!  lol

                  • RealBBC

                    When ever u come back to PA check me out gorgeous!?

                    • Dani Boiz
                      Dani Boiz

                      I'm quite sure you'd know how to make a girl feel like the woman she'd like to share with you, darling.  Thanks so much for stopping by my page and taking the time to be so kind!  xxo