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Nude Photo Facebook Ransom Scam Expanding

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    Although it was primarily a scam originating from the Philippines in the past, this scam is now worldwide.

    Trans women or fake users posing as trans women are asking men to send them nude photos or videos including one of their face, "to prove it is them", then threatening to share those photos or videos with their Facebook friends if they do not send the scammer money.  How could someone fall for this you might ask?

    It starts out as flirtation.  She is cute, bored, wants to sext or exchange nudes.  Needs your phone or email.

    What could go wrong?  Maybe she can even prove the photos are her?  Well, here is what can go wrong.  She will use any contact information you give her to find your social media profiles and blackmail you with the threat that the photos will be shared with your social media contacts if you do not pay a certain amount.

    It is never a good idea to send someone nude photos, but it is important to know this scam relies on finding you on social media, which can be done with your full name, phone, email, or so on. It also relies on your contact list being public or viewable if you add her as a friend, so don't share nudes or your contact info!

    In another variation on the scam, they threaten to post the photos with your full name or contact info to be found on Google or YouTube.  In summary, it is never safe to share compromising photos with a stranger.

      • silzig40

        I had it happen 2 times last week and didn't even send any kind of offensive pic I told em go ahead I don't even use Facebook and blocked I think 30 buxs they wanted fucking people now a days are fucked up

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