Login problems fixed


    UPDATE: We believe the problem is solved at least for now but please let us know if it is not resolved for you.

    Some users have reported they are having problems logging into the site. After entering their password there is no error message but they also do not get logged in. We are investigating the problem, which seems like a software bug, but a few possible work arounds are to check the "remember me" box and try visiting a different page on the web site, such as the homepage or this page, after logging in.  If that does not work, try to login a few times, or try a password reset.  Unfortunately the problem is not easy to solve, but we are looking into it.


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      • hopeful

        only seems login works at all is if you select remember me checkbox (but it never remembers anyway)

        • Bill

          I found a sort of workaround, if you try to log in, then come to this screen, try to log in again and come back here you should be able to access your account from the icon in the upper left hand corner. You are already logged in but the system isn't showing that on the screen. It doesn't work 100% of the time, but it's how I was able to log in.