Transgender Personals
Transgender Personals

Frequently Asked Questions

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    I live outside the US, why is my zip code not working? - The search function only accepts US zip codes so all other users should just leave the zip code field blank.


    How do I send messages? - First, you must be logged in with a username and password, then you can click Send Message on anyone's profile, under their profile picture, to send them a private message.


    How do I reply to messages? - Login to the site then click on the envelope icon in the top menu bar to reply to messages. You can not respond to messages by just replying to our notification emails.


    How do I upload more photos? - Click the Create new album link in your profile or click on the Photos menu in the top menu bar, then click the Create new album link there.  Once your album is created you can upload photos and select one as an album cover, too.


    Why do I have to validate my email address by clicking a link?  To stop spam and misdirected email.


    Can you notify me of new messages? - Yes, go to Account in the top menu bar, select Notifications, and make sure the box is checked for Email to receive notifications when there is a new message in your inbox.


    Why did my messages disappear? - Spammers sometimes target this site and if we find a spam account, we delete messages they sent. It is possible you will see messages from spammers disappear as a result.


    How do I delete my account? - After you login click on Account then Settings and next Delete my account.


    What is MTF? - Male to female transgender woman (not all choose to use this label).


    What is FTM? - Female to male transgender man (not all choose to use this label).


    What is transgender? - Click here for a more detailed discussion on the subject than we can provide.


    Why is there no androgynous gender option? - If we receive requests for this option we might add this.

      • SlowandSweet

        Any updates on the broken search feature. I just signed up and it's extremely disappointing that I can't find anyone near me.

        • Dave G.
          Dave G.

          Hi. I'm wondering if it would-be possible to 'reorganize' the 'order' of INTERESTS & PREFERENCES so that they'll line-up in the order I picked-them!?!. If I'd wanted Male to be my primary-choice, I'd have stayed-on sites for 'gay' hook-ups. But I sought-out a 'Transgendered' site, and would-prefer to have my profile state that MtF or Female is/are my 2-primary choices... not Male. I prefer gals over guys as my prefered-companionship [ although will have sex with guys ], cause it's a 'mind-thing', as girls and girls/w dicks are still going to 'think' and 'act' like girls. I want someone that's smooth & soft, and caring & compassionate... not whose interested in his 'Monster-Truck', or what he-hunted the weekend prior!. Dave G.

          • Erudite

            Where are ones "sent" messages stored? Can't find any prompt, or any queue of them with in-mail. 

            • Statutory Ape
              Statutory Ape

              I can't seem to access any matches, searches of profiles etc. Every time I press search it comes back with 'none found' but ppl are contacting me

              • admin

                Hi Tim, you can open the profile in a new window so the Matches page stays where you left off, this works in a desktop browser by right clicking or a mobile browser by holding down your finger on the photo to get a prompt.

                Does not work in the mobile app, but is one of several things we hope to improve in the app.

                • admin

                  As stated on our homepage our site and app are "100% Free and Always Will Be".

                  • D.Schärf

                    how can I unblock someone again

                    • Billyjor

                      I'm having difficultly finding people in my area

                      • Tomcat

                        It tells me I have message but when I checked there aren't any messages anybody know y and y so difficult to navigate???

                        • Kandie

                          When will my profile picture show up

                          • Nicholas Johnston
                            Nicholas Johnston

                            So when i try and upload a picture it tells me the file size is too big at 3.8mb and that the max size is 2mb. But it also says that the max file size for pictures is 10mb further up.
                            Is this correct?
                            And help please?

                            • admin

                              Max size for pictures, plural, is 10MB which means you can have 5 photos at 2MB or 10 photos at 1 MB each.

                              • Karen

                                What is a url?

                                in my profile edit it asks website and when I put in my email address it asks fir a url?

                                • caitlynnxii

                                  what is a valid url??? speeekkee eartheee

                                  • Michael

                                      Hello again, I also cannot access my account information. When is my membership up for renewal? Please let me know. Thank you, Michael

                                    • Franni

                                      There is no renewal, as far as I know. If you were able to get on here enough to post, it should be seen in your account. You are posting, so I don't get it.... I don't know if you use your smartphone to log in, so I cant offer advice, since I use my laptop or desktop

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