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    • missclaire65433

      Looking for hang out or discreet fun/relationship

      By missclaire65433
      I am a fun loving lady looking for love,, or maybe more Im keen for meet up i can do also online DROP ME A MESSAGE ON SKYPE clairen854354
      • Lovelove216


        By Lovelove216
        Help plz
        • Dria

          Help Meh Out!

          By Dria
          Hey Everybody, if you want to help support meh, i would greatly appreciate it. I make knitted blankets for new born babies. $5 $10 $20 $25 Anything is greatly appreciated. Just cashapp my company. $CashGoddest help meh keep these babies warm.
          • Christy Danielle


            By Christy Danielle
            This is an update I wanted to make as of Tuesday I will be fully transitioning. I will be taking HRT and I'm so excited. I was able to express to my PCP/Doctor that I'm ready to take my steps in a better and happier direction. My Dr is so proud of...
            • Lotty


              By Lotty Comments (2)
              I like to write erotic short stories. Some are based on my RL experiences, some are how I would have like those experiences to go, and others are sheer fantasy. I'm just wondering, would this be a good place to share them?
              • Kiki

                Feeling girly & sweet

                By Kiki
                Sometimes I just have gurl it up as a sweet 
                • Mz.Peaches

                  Looking for LTR

                  By Mz.Peaches
                  Any guys out there looking for a good loyal and devoted person to get to know for a LTR. Send me a message and let’s go from there. BTW I’m from Alabama.
                  • Missy Bizarro


                    By Missy Bizarro
                    Amateur or Professionals wanted
                    • steveange13

                      poem sexy

                      By steveange13
                      In my arms I hold you Then feel your smell in which I get lost I put my hand in your hair The temperature goes up between us two Your hands caress my back Mine touch your curves, I'm hot Our kisses filled with passion Our...
                      • steveange13

                        poem sensuel

                        By steveange13
                        But how can you resist? You here kneeling? In this transparent dress I have no guarantor My virtue abandons me In full I give myself To make your pleasure To make you cum I sit near you On your back dance my fingers They are stripping like...

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