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    • Luke taylor
      I believe it is the Buddhists that have the principle that suffering is caused by want. And I have worked hard to shrink the part of my personality that wants things for purely selfish reasons. I'm not prone to be jealous of other people, or...
      • farrah
            1. Filipina women are famous for their magnetic beauty   Filipinas are well known for their feminine disposition, and magical charm among other Asian women.   2. Filipina women are clam,...
        • Jim_4LTR
          She was a beautiful trans woman but she didn't know it yet.
          • Tamer
            Bisexuality is it a frame of mind? Is it a choice? Or are we just what we are sexually much like our own personal taste in music and films?  I have in no better terms battled between my own sexuality I come from a Muslim background not to say...

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