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Transgender Personals

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    • Hope

      From mope to Hope

      By Hope
      A look into my past When your young you beleive in the most silliest of things, like wishing on a star or on a rainbow, but after countless times of those dreams and wishes never coming true I gave up! For as long as I remember all I ever wanted in...
      • Gwendolyn

        Sex and Gender: Trans Shackles

        By Gwendolyn
          There is a lot of talk of Gender Identity as different from Sex. Usually it follows on the line that gender is what you feel you are, and sex is what you physically are, or what your biology tells us you are. As such Sex has become a major...
        • mel

          A Rainy Start..

          By mel
          It is raining so hard here in my place, very cold, dark, and frightening sound of thunder really make so frigthened about the rain. Instead of becoming afraid , I have decided to make a profile of my own in this site. I am looking forward to meet...
          • Elizabeth (Ricardo)

            The Goddess In Each of Us

            By Elizabeth (Ricardo)
            I am as sure as most anyone can attest to, living the life freely, passionatelly and honestly takes some courage and inner strength, to remain loving and understanding. there are so many who just do not agree with, are vehemently and vocally...
            • jorie

              Love Me For What i am?

              By jorie
              hi im jorie, looking for true friends.. hope we can be? are you the one i've been waiting for a long time?... pls. add me at my yahoo messenger account I will waiting for you. 
              • perscella

                just a few thoughts

                By perscella
                It seems hopeless when your a transexual and trying to find a guy to be griends with.   I usually don't think that it's imppossible, but it's I'm starting to feel a cold front coming very fast in m love life.   Any girls feel this...
                • ash

                  i love transgenders

                  By ash
                  i want to find a transgender man  i think they are super hott n sweet as honey more than anyother person  because they know they truly are inside  i have always wanted to be be with a transgenger man but they are too far away or...
                  • Amber

                    Coming out

                    By Amber Comments (2)
                    So yesterday I came out to a person I know at worksource, with a stranger in the room listening. I now have two more supporters of me being TG. :)  Oh, and I just came out on my old facebook, to all of my friends.  Here's to hoping it goes...
                    • Amber


                      By Amber Comments (5)
                      So apparently, my case manager thinks my art is VERY good, and called me into her office.  We talked for a little while about, wonder of wonders, putting my art into art shows!  I hesitantly agree, and now i have until the third of...
                      • Amber


                        By Amber Comments (2)
                        So I have been changing a great many things from my old facade to the real me.  I figured I might as well blog it somewhere.  So why not here.  So here goes. On March 1, I started wearing womens clothing almost exclusively, and...

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