Frequently Asked Questions


    What is cis?  Cis is a common abbreviation for cisgender which describes a person whose gender identity corresponds with their biological sex assigned at birth.

    What is trans?  Trans is a common abbreviation for transgender which describes a person whose gender identity does not correspond with their biological sex assigned at birth.

    What is non binary?  Non binary describes a person whose gender identity does not fit into the traditional male or female divisions at all.

    I live outside the US, why is my zip code not working? - The search function only accepts US zip codes so all other users should just leave the zip code field blank.

    How do I upload more photos? - Click the Create new album link in your profile or click on the Photos menu in the top menu bar, then click the Create new album link there.  Once your album is created you can upload photos and select one as an album cover, too.

    Why do some messages disappear? - Sometimes con artists target our site and we delete their messages.

    How do I delete my account? - After you login click on Account then Settings and next Delete my account.


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      • prettyscream

        Could we set our profiles as Private, Friends and etc. again please? It always reverts back to Logged in users since site upgrades has started. Thank you. 

        • UnMe

          How can you allow another to "add me as a friend" without my permission? I received an email saying; "So&so added you as a friend" So how do you allow that? That`s just WRONG! I blocked him, but do I still show on his page as his "friend"? Shouldn`t you send me a friend REQUEST for me to approve or deny? Your site is sucking!

          • Larfoorfun69

            How do I open message

            • admin
              Comment by owner

              We believe the search issues are fixed as of 1/31/2024 but please let us know if you are still having problems.

              • misterg

                same issue here - search always returns nothing, no matter the criteria. hard to find people that live in the area ...

                • mark

                  the search feature is broken it is not updating what so ever

                  • Glenda Wood

                    Cannot attach a picture to my message??

                    • Glenda Wood

                      Love the site but realllllly sloooooow. 

                      • Romeo’s Cool Cousin

                        How do I post a profile pic??

                        • Jeffrey

                          How do i add my friends list crush and message board that in the widgets in can put them back in my profile can i put back in my profile can help me please 

                          • Trinity

                            This is my third account as my last two accounts have been deleted without any indication or reason why.  Whats going on?

                            • Kimmi

                              How do I delete comments made by others on my posts. If I can't, why not? There's a lot of transmisogynistic people on this site, it's bad enough having to deal with those type of comments, we shouldn't have to repeatedly see them in our own spaces

                              Also, the notification says that someone I blocked made the comment in question. How is this even possible? And if so, what's the point in blocking someone?

                              • admin
                                Comment by owner

                                You can delete photos by clicking on the X when you are viewing them in the photo album.

                                • UseAsDirected

                                  Beyond editing my profile info, How do I delete photos? I just see an option to view them or upload more. I'm on an Android phone if that makes any difference.

                                  • Bantanyan

                                    Hello. Is there any way to confirm if messages have been received....or sent?

                                    • Friday Knight

                                      We should have the ability to decide the range at which we become invisible to others. 90 percent of the requests and messages I get are from guys who are a bajillion miles away. They waste their time messaging/friend-requesting me and I waste my time clearing them out. Maybe a "locals only" option, or "My country only." Or maybe just let us have blacklists/whitelists that let us ban certain localities from ever seeing us.

                                      • Reina

                                        Doesn't this site realize that, that big ol banner on top of pages makes it very difficult for us married tg individuals to discreetly use this website on our phones around home or in public?

                                        Since "tg personals" is in big ol letters written across the top of page & being the 1st thing seen.
                                        Just my two cents...

                                        • slim_Ady

                                          I'm new here I just uploaded via laptop in my album but how do I edit it so can rotate show the right way up?

                                          • musclefitness

                                            Dear Admin

                                            This is the first time trying to access user name 031lgrwicked but I'm not able to can you please see why it says blocked but I don't understand as I've never had any contact with the account.  Thanks

                                            • UseAsDirected

                                              Something is wrong with the site now. I click on people supposedly online but your site shows their last login YEARS ago. I run into this issue all over your site. Thanks.

                                              • Blackjamesbond

                                                Good day to you. I've sent you numerous messages regarding my deleted content on your site, but I haven't received a response. Am I ever going to get a response? This is very frustrating and depressing right now. Please get back in touch, thanks.

                                                • William

                                                  This site really should have an option to attach photos when you send a message or reply to one.

                                                  • Michael

                                                      Hello again, I also cannot access my account information. When is my membership up for renewal? Please let me know. Thank you, Michael

                                                    • caitlynnxii

                                                      what is a valid url??? speeekkee eartheee

                                                      • Karen

                                                        What is a url?

                                                        in my profile edit it asks website and when I put in my email address it asks fir a url?