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    • ash

      i love transgenders

      By ash
      i want to find a transgender man  i think they are super hott n sweet as honey more than anyother person  because they know they truly are inside  i have always wanted to be be with a transgenger man but they are too far away or...
      • Amber

        Coming out

        By Amber Comments (2)
        So yesterday I came out to a person I know at worksource, with a stranger in the room listening. I now have two more supporters of me being TG. :)  Oh, and I just came out on my old facebook, to all of my friends.  Here's to hoping it goes...
        • Amber


          By Amber Comments (5)
          So apparently, my case manager thinks my art is VERY good, and called me into her office.  We talked for a little while about, wonder of wonders, putting my art into art shows!  I hesitantly agree, and now i have until the third of...
          • Amber


            By Amber Comments (2)
            So I have been changing a great many things from my old facade to the real me.  I figured I might as well blog it somewhere.  So why not here.  So here goes. On March 1, I started wearing womens clothing almost exclusively, and...
            • Amber


              By Amber Comments (1)
              15 more minutes until the library opens.  It's so cold here...  I just realized my nail polish is chipping, so I'll have to redo it for the WGA (Washington Gender Alliance) meeting tomorrow.
              • Divina

                The Love I Seek

                By Divina
                The Love I Seek -   Why dost thou hide from my sight, oh love? Devotedly I seek thee, my thoughts so bright. But thou art not in the azure skies far above, Nor there, amidst the million stars of night! But I seek thee, and I am here...
                • Divina

                  Where are you my love

                  By Divina
                  Do you reside within my mind's recess Or do you stand a hand's breadth away? Are you a figment of my imagination Or a promise held at bay? Did we know each other in a prior life Or will we find one another here? Will...
                  • ashley


                    By ashley
                     why must  the  transgenders, lesbians, bisexuals, gays, crossdressers be hated  so much by  everyone  , i dont understand we are not monsters  or freaks we are people who  want to to be who we  are...
                    • bernard stevens

                      TRYING TO UNDERSTAND.

                      By bernard stevens
                      understand that there Is everybody for somebody I have been on this site and befriended people and requested friendships.I have talked to some good people and some people that have me scratching my head.this site Is supposed to be a site where you...
                      • maki

                        languge exchange

                        By maki
                        I am a Japanese girl living near Tokyo. I am really like to have nice friends who can do languge exchange between Japanse and English. Both male and female are welcomed, but I hope you have some patience to talk with me in English. For me, Yokohama...

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