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    • chloe

      want to be treated like a woman, then act like a woman!

      By chloe Comments (9)
      I am so annoyed these days with Trans people acting the 'victim' all the time. Most, not all! trans women in particular tend to be sooooo over the top!!.. what happened to being inconspicuous or trying to 'Fit in'. I agree that life isn't hard,...
      • alexi


        By alexi
        just joined this site not really all that sure about what to say so im gonna wing it i am alexis i am 24 years old i like to surf sing and have fun in general my likes are the ocean red and meetin new people my dislikes are bigots people that...
        • Tammi Bethany Say

          Coming out!

          By Tammi Bethany Say
            Hello everyone, I'm Tammi and I love being feminine, and hope to begin Feminizing Hormones SOON! I love bottom sex. I love going to movies all kinds of them.  
          • Freida

            Not really sure

            By Freida Comments (1)
            I am not sure if I am on the right site. I do not know what MTF and FTM in the profiles mean. Therefore I have been skipping over any man who has this in their profile. I tried to find out by googling the terms but found nothing that made sense in a...
            • sbnnboi


              By sbnnboi
                                                  HIV: Where it's hiding and why it's...
              • Katherine Brower

                I'm writing so much tonight

                By Katherine Brower
                I should bring this up because it helps express who I am and who I am interestred in.  I am a cis-female. Sometimes I feel like a guy although I think my own perceptions of where I am on the gender spectrum changes with my enviroment. Right...
                • Katherine Brower

                  I need to keep up with this more

                  By Katherine Brower
                  Yeah, it takes me forever to write a blog post, but I get busy sometimes.  Okay how do I best express myself without coming off creepy. Yes I am wearing armor in my picture. It's kinda sad the only pictures I have of myself are LARP pictures...
                  • budi sartika

                    why the guys here expect ladyboys are rich

                    By budi sartika
                    Yes you are quite right. Many of your Filipino countrymen however do expect money from Lb partners and this is why so many Lb s like to think of a relationship with a foreigner. There is much discrimination in the Philippines and men think its one...
                    • budi sartika

                      crhitmas greeting

                      By budi sartika
                      W/ this being December (where did the year go?) and w/ Christmas "right around the corner," I would like to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday season. May it be as bright as the decorative lights and be as warm and loving as...
                      • Faith


                        By Faith
                        Today I had to make another appointment with my endocrinologists, my doctor is an amazingly nice woman but she has the rudest staff. The receptionist knows me and has heard me talk many times before, but this morning I woke with a sore throat so my...

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