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Transgender Personals

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    • Amanda


      By Amanda
      • Amanda


        By Amanda
        Have a good day to all
        • Katherine Brower

          So I just started this stuff.

          By Katherine Brower
          Okay, I just started online dateing... First time ever. Which is good, trying new things and all. So to explain more about LARPing I spoke of in my profile. It is Live Action Role Play, it's like interactive theatre, execpt every one particaptes...
          • paul

            hey hey

            By paul
            helloooooo to all u sexy babes x im a genuine lad from the midlands looking for a sexy babe to chat to where ever in the world so please get in touch xx
            • Lowlaa

              THe NeW KiNd oF LoVe

              By Lowlaa Comments (1)
              Being ts is hard enough if its not looking for a job,trying to find some kind of love life, or going to school.I am lucky enough to have a job and go to school where ppl except me for who i am but i know that is not always the case for many of my ts...
              • Gwendolyn

                Breaking up: Religion or Parents, its a hard thing to do

                By Gwendolyn
                  I re-encountered an internet meme going around that goes something like this,   My boyfriend told me I don’t deserve his love. Reaction: Your boyfriend is a sick bastard. God Told me I don’t deserve his love. Reaction:...
                • Elizabeth (Ricardo)


                  By Elizabeth (Ricardo)
                  Many people look at us as uber sexy Goddess's of Sexuality and Glamour, to which most of us find gratifying and uplifting but, underneath it all we are people with hearts and fears just like everyone else.  I try to exude confidence, self...
                  • Hope

                    From mope to Hope

                    By Hope
                    A look into my past When your young you beleive in the most silliest of things, like wishing on a star or on a rainbow, but after countless times of those dreams and wishes never coming true I gave up! For as long as I remember all I ever wanted in...
                    • Gwendolyn

                      Sex and Gender: Trans Shackles

                      By Gwendolyn
                        There is a lot of talk of Gender Identity as different from Sex. Usually it follows on the line that gender is what you feel you are, and sex is what you physically are, or what your biology tells us you are. As such Sex has become a major...
                      • mel

                        A Rainy Start..

                        By mel
                        It is raining so hard here in my place, very cold, dark, and frightening sound of thunder really make so frigthened about the rain. Instead of becoming afraid , I have decided to make a profile of my own in this site. I am looking forward to meet...

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