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    • Akua

      The Trans-Attracted Man

      By Akua Comments (1)
      I believe it's time men [and women] who are attracted to transgender people had an identity and were included in our community. These men are all too silent and invisible. So myself and some friends came up with the term Trans-Attracted Man to...
      • Gwendolyn


        By Gwendolyn
          What a beautiful and sweet and delicate and oh so desirable word. But wait, what does it mean exactly? Why is it some languages have a dozen or more words for love and English is stuck with one. Let us break this down about shall we. Oh...
        • Gwendolyn


          By Gwendolyn
            Here is a fun topic I refer to a lot and say little about. Well maybe more than a little. But what is it to be introspective. The simple answer is you think about who and what you are and why and how you behave, then you try to figure out if...
          • Marissa  Janae'

            Ready to get married!

            By Marissa Janae' Comments (2)
            I am totally ready to get married !
            • Gwendolyn


              By Gwendolyn
              I have made of lot of choices in my life and most of them have never really felt like a choice. So why is that? We could get into the whole free will debate if we wanted by as we know from the uncertainty principle even if we don’t have free...
              • Gwendolyn


                By Gwendolyn
                  What is perfection? A difficult question and one that is perhaps impossible to answer. Maybe that is why people like to attribute perfection to a deity thereby relinquishing their responsibility to be better. Perhaps that is the fundamental...
                • Kaija

                  How do I?

                  By Kaija
                  How do I make an album? I can't seem to get them to save.
                  • Logan

                    I told myself I would never do this.

                    By Logan
                    Dating online can be risky. No offense to anyone here, but I feel as though I've become desperate. My last two relationships lasted long, but ended painfully for me. I'm 20. I may seem too young to give up to others, but I just want someone I can...
                    • Cindy

                      Moving to California

                      By Cindy
                      I know its a big step, but I am looking to make a move to CA, from CT, LOL.
                      • Gwendolyn

                        Pre Surgery Jitters

                        By Gwendolyn
                          So I found surgeons that I like and booked my surgeries. But of course this comes with its own pangs of nervousness, but not about getting the surgery- that I know I want and have known for at least 15 years, probably longer. What I think I...

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